Companies we dig!

This page is a dedication to all of the companies that we absolutely LOVE here at Karhu. Below you will find all the manufacturers, friends and services that we swear by as a band and pledge ourselves solely and exclusively to their useage. Period. -Joe

Bareknuckle Pickups

Joe and Osku are currently using Bareknuckle pickups in their Bridges, they use an Alnico based WarPig.


Joe is currently running the incredible 333XL Tube Head by Bugera!


Joe and Osku both use Elixir strings exclusively, for us, there simply isn't better.


Osku is using a Premium RG827-RD and Joe uses a customised RG7321.


Joe uses one of Steve's custom 7 strings 

Jim dunlop

Karhu use Jim Dunlop Jazz III picks exclusively, perfect strength, sharpness and amazing quality of attack.

Line 6

Joe currently uses a Line 6 cab and G50 Relay wireless system, Osku utilises a Line 6 HD147 Head.


Ollie exclusively uses a gorgeous Saturn Exotic kit by the best drum manufacturer in the world.

Planet Waves Cables

Karhu use Planet Waves Cables exclusively for reliability and superior tonal qualities.

Seymour Duncan

Joe currently sports a Seymour duncan JB SH-4 in his 6 string custom and a SH-5 in the neck of his Ibanex RG7321.


Jake currently destroys the stage with his beautiful endorsed Spector basses exclusively.