Karhu experience their first Rock & Metal Chart No. 1 with B-Vera! and extend May's UK tour.Karhu

Like most independent bands, Karhu are finding it hard to gain exposure for their high quality Progressive Metal sound. So any successful event is a welcome reward.Taking around a quarter of the overall total, Karhu managed to hang on to the top spot after a week of intense voting. The band were ecstatic! having been placed in the number one slot in the Heavy Rock and Metal chart, by listeners of John Forsters UK based internet radio show,  'Dr Johns Unsigned Rock Surgery'.
Karhu's manager 'The Glove' said " We are so grateful to John and all his team for giving Karhu the opportunity to be heard and appreciated. John's show goes out across several radio stations including BCR, TheMixx.fm, Radio XL, MyRockRadio, Jester Radio, Rock365 and College Underground Radio. Receiving 30+ new bands a week, with 1000+ listers regularly on their own server and millions more on the partner sites. John's great Rock program is doing more than a little get the independent bands out there!"

Just like our friends over at TBFM, who have supported Karhu from the beginning, these enthusiastic presenters of independent music, give a glimmer of hope to those hard working musicians who seek the right to be heard.  While browsing a well know Encyclopedia of the Metal genre recently, I discovered it contained over 89000 recorded metal bands. That is a lot of Metal trying to get heard. Vocalist and Guitar player Joseph Parry said "We have a blast in the chat rooms! getting to know people is the fastest way of spreading our music, these internet Radio shows give us the opportunity to get our music played and interact with the other listeners, giving us instant feed back."

Karhu continue to spread their own Metal message across the UK in May 2013, from the 10th to 26th, with a string of dates up and down the country. Having  struggled
initially to get any uptake from promoters and venues, the recent visibility from radio play has seen visits to their social networking sites increase exponentially. "We have extended the tour period by a couple of days to try and shoehorn in a few more dates," said The Glove, " Karhu want to play and, thanks to the exposure they are starting to receive, people want to listen."

You can catch up with Karhu in the chat room @ http://johnsrockshowbcr.wix.com/johns-rock-show-bcr#!chatroom/cqc2, or if you want a little more information on this great new band, check out the forum @ http://thekarhugroove.com/forum/. We hope to see all of you in May.

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